What Does Sex with a Sex Doll Feel Like?

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Are you new to the world of sex dolls but apprehensive to try out? You may be wondering what it actually feels like to have sex with a sex doll. Well, if we go by the reviews of avid sex doll users, sex with a sex doll feels just awesome. Many single men who do not want to get into the baggage of an emotional relationship are extremely happy with sex dolls. According to them, these sexy dolls fulfill almost all their sensual desires and they will never wish to part with them.

The post below offers a brief on how delightful it is to have sex with a sex doll.

Great vaginal sex

You will be glad to know that sex dolls are amazing for vaginal sex. It’s mostly because the vagina of sex dolls is molded off actual vaginas. Hence, the vagina of a sex doll is always 100 percent anatomically correct. In fact, it’s said if your eyes are closed, you won’t be able to tell much of a difference. Yes, the doll won’t whisper naughty nothings in your ears but the feel of the vaginal part would be almost the same. And when you can enjoy vaginal sex at its peak, how does it matter whether the recipient is a human or a doll!

Just make sure to heat up the doll properly before getting intimate with her.

Awesome anal sex

It’s to stress here that the bum and the anal region of a sex doll is also 100 percent anatomically correct- just like the vagina. Thus, it’s needless to mention that you will enjoy ravishing anal sex with your sex doll. In fact, sex dolls are especially great if you are mostly an ass person. High-quality sex dolls are carved with perfectly shaped asses- much to the delight of men. They are both wobbly and firm and feel as realistic as that of a human woman. You are sure to enjoy anal sex of your life with a sex doll.

Another advantage of having sex with a sex doll is that she will never refuse to anal sex. A lot of women are extremely apprehensive of anal sex and some of them do not want to try it ever. But there is no such issues with a sex doll.

Amazing oral sex

A lot of new sex doll users are not sure whether they can use the sex doll for oral pleasure? Well, the truth is these dolls are awesome for oral sex as well. Some of the dolls are even designed to perform a deep-throat when you are craving for a full-on blowjob. You will simply need lube and little heat to make the doll’s mouth feel like a human mouth. The sex doll mouth is also great for deep kissing and smooching.

Final words

However, it’s to note here to enjoy awesome sex with a sex doll, you have to be careful about the type you are talking to. Sex dolls are available in various materials and price ranges. For example, you will find inflatable plastic dolls within $300 while the life-like full-size realistic dolls can cost you $4,000 or more. Now, if you go for the cheap plastic options, you will never experience the desired realistic pleasure. But if you are ready to shell some more, you will enjoy the dream sex that sex doll users rave about with realistic silicone full-size dolls.

Moreover, the premium quality dolls also come with the added facility of customizations. You will be able to tailor out the lady of your dreams and enjoy awesome sex with her.