What Does Sex with a Sex Doll Feel Like?

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What used to be a scary-looking blown-up caricature of the female body is now a top-notch replica that looks and feels like a real human. Love dolls and sex robots used to be nothing but wishful thinking. But the beauty of technology is that it’s forever changing and improving. 

With such improvement came realistic love dolls — the ultimate sex toy. Of course, many jumped at the opportunity to get a lifelike doll with anatomically correct parts. After all, who doesn’t want a partner that will push all the right buttons and satisfy all needs? And it’s not like she can have turnoffs, right? The sex doll craze became even wilder when people found that real realistic sex dolls could be tailored specifically for them and their wishes, requirements, and kinks.

But others are still skeptical — and there’s a reason for that. All sex toys have a reputation of being “nearly as good as the real thing.” The “nearly” is the kicker there. No matter how much doll manufacturers cry out that their dolls are just as good if not better than the real thing, people have no idea how a sex doll fuck session even feels.

So let’s break it down, shall we?


Silicone Dolls — the Holy Grail of Adult Sex Dolls?

The way a sex doll feels against your body and specific, crucial parts (like your dick) depends on the material. People generally take their pick between silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls. 

The silicone ladies are the most expensive ones on the market. They are easy to clean and maintain and don’t show signs of wear and tear for a long time. But that’s not their main selling point. 

Silicone dolls can be heated, which means that they can feel lifelike. People often have sex to feel intimate with another person; it’s not always about coming as fast and as hard as possible. Sometimes, it’s about feeling the body heat of another person pressed up against you — that’s what silicone dolls can replicate. Can you now imagine how a sex doll mouth feels like wrapped around your cock?

Manufacturers put heating systems in the dolls to make sex with a sex doll feel like real people. The delicious feeling of your body and dick pressing up against something tight, wet, and hot is what makes the price of silicone dolls justifiable.

TPE dolls are more affordable and have their own advantages as well. Because the TPE material is more flexible than silicone, the dolls feel soft and pliant under the hand. When you squeeze them, you feel as though you’re caressing real flesh. Not to be the ones to toot TPE’s horn here, but just imagine that realistic feel on your one-eyed monster. Amazing, right? If you enjoy anal sex, then you would be happy  to know that there are sex dolls with this feature, and you would be thankful that they are made of TPE!


What’s the Appeal?

There are myriad reasons someone might choose to get down and dirty with an adult doll instead of a real-life human. 


They Want the Doll Specifically

Believe it or not, some people get sex dolls because they want to have sex with dolls. It’s a specific fantasy some people like to indulge in. Having sex with a high-quality love doll might feel realistic, but these people are still well aware of the fact that they have a doll underneath them (or on them, next to them, whatever — sex positions aren’t a problem for a sex doll).

So some people merely view sex dolls as another sex toy, no different than a plug, a dildo, or a urethral sound. And just like with other toys, they have their own preferences. Not everyone is down for getting their dick probed, but some are really into it. The same goes for sex dolls.


They Are a Free Spirit

Finding a stable sexual partner takes time, effort, energy, and, most importantly, commitment. No matter what type of “no strings attached” deal you hash out, you’ll still feel at least a bit of responsibility toward the other person. 

What’s more, they’ll have some sway over you. They won’t necessarily use sex for emotional manipulation (although it can happen), but a power exchange will definitely happen during the act, and some people simply aren’t comfortable with that.

So those who don’t like to commit to another person choose a sustainable substitute — a realistic love doll. She’ll never ask you to romance her, call her the next day, take her out, call her mom, be kind to her friends, etc. She’ll just be there, warm, pliant, and willing to go whenever you feel like it.


They Are Willing to Settle

You know what they say — a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. In other words, if you can’t get to the real thing, settle for the next best thing.

Some people are unlucky when it comes to love. Sure, statistically, there’s someone out there for them. But who has the time (or the energy and money) to go out and hunt them down? So people either wait and hope that their perfect partner will appear, or they give up on that notion entirely. Either way, they fill their time (and empty beds) with sex dolls.

People crave companionship. They need to feel as if they have someone who’s there for them, even if that someone is only there for sex and isn’t breathing; sometimes, that’s enough to chase away the feeling of emptiness. 


They Are Kinky Bastards

You know that filthy fantasy you have had since forever but were too afraid to share with anyone because they’d look at you like you were the most sexually deviant and deprived person on earth? Yeah, you know the one!

Well, you might not be able to find a partner to play it out with, but you’ll surely find a doll you can try it out on (any doll will do — they never say NO). Some people also like to use sex dolls as a kink preview. They try out something new and dirty with a doll before they pitch it to a breathing partner. 


A Few Parting Words

Sex dolls came a long way over the last few decades and can now offer a whole array of benefits. Realistic feel, companionship, along with the fact that they have no hard limits or a need to tie you down makes them the hottest commodity on the sex toy market.