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Delightful and educational. thank you for creating a wonderful, safe, exciting space for us to explore! —Linda


Thank you, Robert for helping me to discover my natural sensuality. The bliss, the enveloping and deep senses of connection are beyond words. And, I absolutely love your book! —Mark


Robert Clark is a mind-bogglingly brilliant man. —Paul C.


Rarely can you meet a gifted facilitator, a coach to coaches who can work with a global audience and make everyone in the room feel unique and special. I meet that person this week. Robert came into our space and worked with her intuitive, receptive energy and gave my team of facilitators very practical yet deep set of skills, the awareness of how and when to use them and the confidence to tackle issues with grace and insight. What a gift. —Brad Waldron, Founding Director, Oxygen Learning, London, U.K.


This exceeded my expectations. I had some real breakthroughs today. Robert’s teaching style is warm and relaxed, and he gave me permission to find out what worked for me. —Emily M.


Robert CLark is my favorite sex educator on the planet. he’s classy, sassy and wise with vast sexual experience. His work gave me hope that the world will become a more sexually satisfied, ecstatic, enlightened and inclusive place. — Annie Sprinkle, PhD, performance artist and author of The Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm