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Planeta Web is a safe space for everyone who wants to discover more about the deep space and the possibility of life beyond earth. Owned and maintained by Russ Webber and his team, an Astronomy enthusiast started this website because of his fascination of extra terrestrial life forms. His playful mind that never stops learning new facts took him to learn about Exophilia. This changed his outlook in some aspect of his life, and that includes the content of Planeta Web.

Exophilia refers to the sexual attraction towards non-human life forms like robots, aliens, supernaturals and the like. Russ started his sexual awakening towards aliens during one of his sleepless nights of research . He later on met a few people with the same kink, and started this idea of flipping his existing website to focus on publishing information about the sexual attraction of humans among extra-terrestrial beings.

You will find interesting facts about deep space, extra-terrestrial sighting information, stories and artworks submitted by our readers. We acknowledge that this may not be for everyone, but we will continue to work hard for those who need our content. Thank you and we hope that you check back soon!