Sharing is caring! was created to cater to our hungry curiosity about male chastity lifestyle. Over several months, we met many more chastity fans and most were interested in chastity as a tool to increase submission or to maintain focus on anal pleasure. But we also met subs wearing cages for many other exciting reasons:

  • To increase their hormone levels
  • To improve focus & productivity
  • To shrink their cocks & prevent any penis pleasure.

Many of these subs were asking us questions about chastity to help them figure out ways to improve their chastity results & experience. We decided to start this chastity blog project so we could also learn as much as possible about the world of chastity.

We agreed to start this blog to journal our exploration and to help others just beginning to explore this kink. We also committed to providing cages and support for new subs who are curious about chastity and set a goal of caging several men in a year.