How A Male Chastity Device Transformed One Couple’s Marriage

What’s the secret to a healthy relationship? It depends on who you ask. For one couple, a male chastity device has inspired a new sense of openness and honesty in their marriage. In fact, chastity devices make wives scream.

“Lion” and “Lioness,” pseudonyms the couple uses on their blog, live in the Pacific Northwest and have been married for over a decade.

“He’s the one my mother warned me about going online,” Lioness told me. “I was just looking for fun and I met him and realized he was pretty much the one.”

Several years ago Lion, who has long been part of the BDSM community, became intrigued by male chastity device’s effect on semen by making it almost impossible to get an erection or engage in sexual activities. He shared his interest with Lioness, and now the couple has been writing about their experience with enforced male chastity for over two years.

One of Lion’s chastity devices

“We started playing early on in our relationship but we stopped pretty much not that long after we were married,” Lion said. “We were very vanilla and we drifted apart sexually and I thought this might be a way to spark things up, so I said, ‘How would you like to do this?’”

Lioness was convinced it wouldn’t last.

“He’d buy a new paddle and say ‘let’s use this,'” she said. “He’d buy something else and say, ‘let’s try this.’ So, I figured, it was just another thing that we try and it would go away after a while, but for some reason it didn’t. I’m not quite sure why, it just sparked something I guess. We kept going.”

Now the couple thinks of the chastity device — which Lion wears at pretty much all times unless he’s bathing, going to the doctor or Lioness decides to temporarily release him from it to have sex — as “more like a wedding ring.”

“It’s a symbol of commitment,” Lion said. “It’s not so much a sex preventative, because the truth is I’m not going to do anything whether I’m locked or unlocked at this point… So, it’s a symbol of, number one, my commitment to her and it’s also her commitment to me, because I’ve transferred to her any opportunity I may have for sexual satisfaction. I mean, without her, I don’t get it. So, she’s got kind of a responsibility to take care of me in that respect.”

The couple has found that they’re much more intimate and closer physically, too.

“It has almost nothing to do with the BDSM, which is something I just enjoy. It has everything to do with the fact that our communication has improved dramatically,” Lion said. “We’ve managed to work through sexual issues that I think would break up other couples.”

If Aliens Exist, Would They Have Sex?

Humans love to ponder whether alien life is out there, and what it might look like. So here’s a burning question: Would extraterrestrials have sex?

The question isn’t entirely prurient. The evolution of sex is a tricky subject. Sexual reproduction is costly. It requires finding a mate, convincing that mate to mingle DNA with you, and opening yourself up to the possibility of sexually transmitted disease or predation while you’re busy wooing.

All that considered, and it might not even result in viable offspring. After all, mixing and matching a genome is a crapshoot, said Sally Otto, director of the Biodiversity Research Centre at the University of British Columbia. [7 Huge Misconceptions About Aliens]

Potential parents “know their genome works in the current environment,” Otto told Live Science. “They know they survived to reproduce. And here they are, shuffling their genomes together with another individual. … You have no idea if that combination is going to survive and be fit.”

And yet, sexual reproduction is very common on Earth. And given the conditions in which sex evolved, it’s quite possible that aliens might get busy, too.

Swapping genes

Not all life on Earth requires sex for reproduction. Amoebas, yeast and millimeter-long freshwater hydra all manage to create offspring solo, as do many invertebrates. So do some surprisingly complex animals: Virgin births have been reported in Komodo dragons, pit vipers and sharks.

There are species, like the tiny crustacean Daphnia middendorffiana, that can only reproduce asexually. But sex appears to go way back. There are few very old lineages that are entirely asexual, Otto said. [Photos: Bizarre Sex Lives of Hermaphrodite Sea Slugs]

Amoebas, for example, date back at least a billion years, long before multicellular life evolved. For a long time, scientists thought amoebas were purely asexual. In 2011, however, researchers from the University of Massachusetts announced that they had discovered amoeba sex.

In fact, swapping genes is the norm for life on Earth. Bacteria, for example, are prokaryotes, meaning they don’t have membrane-enclosed nuclei. (Eukaryotes, including both amoebas and animals, have cells with nuclei and other organelles closed in with membranes.) Bacteria don’t have sex, Otto said, but they do take up new DNA by swallowing other bacteria or as a result of being infected with viruses or circular DNA molecules called plasmids. The inadvertent genetic gains can benefit bacteria by increasing genetic diversity, thus raising the chances that a new genetic sequence will confer some sort of survival benefit.

Sexual evolution

It’s possible, Otto said, that deliberate sexual reproduction arose with the evolution of eukaryotic cells because all those internal membranes prevented the frequent accidental uptake of foreign DNA.

So, one question that might determine whether aliens have sex, Otto said, is what their cells look like.

“Do they evolve nuclei or other ways of protecting their DNA inside a series of membranes?” she said. If extraterrestrial life is equipped with nuclei, they might benefit from sex.

Another thing that Planet Xenon might need to prompt the evolution of sex is change.

Sex is very beneficial to organisms because the environment is rarely static, Otto explained. Offspring may have to deal with challenges that are slightly different from those of their parents’ generation. As long as change is a constant, genetic variation is helpful.

If an alien planet had, for some reason, constant weather, temperature and other environmental factors, “sex would have mainly costs, but no benefits,” Otto said.

Best of both worlds

Assuming alien planets aren’t entirely static, extraterrestrials might try to get the best of both worlds. Some aphids (small insects that suck plant juice) clone themselves asexually when food is abundant. In fact, Otto said, these cloning aphids can have not only their babies inside them but also their babies’ babies, “like a set of Russian nesting dolls.”

“That really speeds up reproduction when resources are plenty,” she said.

At the end of the growing season, though, the aphids switch to sexual reproduction. This switch to sex during times of stress is a common pattern. Some water flea species spring for sex when food supplies drop or when the environment becomes hostile, according to a 1981 study in the journal The American Naturalist. Yeast simply bud off new offspring most of the time, but the yeast Candida tropicalis can also reproduce sexually, researchers reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2011.

One stress that might prompt the evolution of sex on an alien planet might be alien parasites. Researchers reporting in 2011 in the journal Science found that, when given the choice, organisms pick sex over asexuality when parasites threaten, likely because sexual reproduction gives them more genetic weapons to use in the evolutionary arms race against their parasite foes.

In that study, researchers genetically modified roundworms called Caenorhabditis elegans so that some could only reproduce sexually and some only asexually. A third group was left to switch between asexual and sexual reproduction at will.

Then, the researchers exposed the worms to parasitic bacteria. They found that asexual C. elegans exposed to evolving bacteria went extinct in fewer than 20 generations. Sexual C. elegans did just fine, as did worms that could switch back and forth.

Other studies have shown similar results in yeast and other organisms that can switch from no sex to sex in tough conditions.

Hot stuff?

But even if aliens do have sex, it might not be the sort of thing people watch on pay-per-view.

In amoeba sex, for example, the cell partitions off packets of genetic material and then recombines them, either with another amoeba or with packets from other amoebas. Sexually reproducing yeast cells find each other, grow projections, merge and mate. The hermaphroditic C. elegans worm wiggles its body against another worm until it finds the vulva and then inserts needlelike structures called spicules into the opening to deliver sperm, according to WormBook, an open-access resource on C. elegans biology. [Animal Sex: 7 Tales of Naughty Acts in the Wild]

Even for fuzzier, more familiar animals, sex can get downright weird. The marsupial Antechinus, which lives in Australia and New Guinea, mates in a frenzy over about two weeks. Males often ambush females and copulate with them for up to 14 hours. The effort of their multiple marathon sex sessions takes such a toll on males that they start to bleed internally and lose all immune function. They rarely survive the breeding season. Hyena males have to mount females with care because the female clitoris is so large that it resembles a penis. And some male bats even stimulate females’ genitalia with their tongues.

In other words, aliens might have sex, or they might not. But one thing’s for sure: It’d be harder to invent something stranger than what already exists here on Earth.

5 things you should know about sex in space

Space: the final frontier, the gateway to other worlds and civilizations, a constant source of wonder and speculation. By the way, on that note, what’s it like to have sex up there, and will the earth move? While there has been a human presence in space since 1961, the topic of cosmic coitus continues to be woefully under-examined. But mankind’s most pressing question has finally been answered.

Turns out sex in space is much harder than than you imagined. Because of the laws of physics, sex in space is really, really hard to make happen. Just as using a toilet in space presents a unique set of challenges, so does every single other physical undertaking, including sex, which is complicated by the fact it involves two people trying to connect with each other among the forces of Newtonian physics. But you’d think once you’ve Instagrammed Earth a few times and done a space walk, sex in space has got to be near the top of the list of things to try, right?

Here’s everything you wanted to know about sex in space:

You’ll have no privacy

The first dilemma of sex in space is privacy in the crowded quarters, according Mark Shelhamer, former chief scientist at NASA’s Human Research Program in an interview in Gizmodo. He said, “If SpaceX send two people to the moon in 2018, it’s likely that there would be a third professional astronaut with them.”

What’s it like to masturbate weightless

Masturbation and the milky way have form in space. According to a Russian cosmonaut, in space, no one can hear you scream. In a 2012 Reddit AMA, the cosmonaut assuaged fears that astronauts can never find opportunities to self-stimulate admitting that he “makes sex in space… by hand”. Despite the overall lack of privacy on board, apparently it’s still large enough to find some occasional “quiet time”.

Can you get an erection in space?

Microgravity could make it harder for horny male astronauts to get an erection, even if they are extremely aroused. Gravity helps blood flow rapidly to certain places on the body and without gravity, men may not be able to get erections and women may also not get quite as physically aroused by sex. In addition, the long duration of spaceflight also wrecks havoc on testosterone level (the hormones that make your horny), meaning lower or depleted sex drive. In other words, you won’t be horny enough to do it anyway. The unresponsive flaccid penis the the ultimate cock block.

Gravity also affects women’s vagina. So it is better to bring yoni eggs even if awkward just to have its tightness back.

Zero gravity could prove coitus near impossible

StarTalk American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says zero gravity could prove coitus near impossible. The idea of human sexual activity in zero gravity presents difficulties for the performance of most sexual activities because of Newton’s third law. According to the law, if the couple remain attached, their movements will counter each other, which means their actions won’t change velocity unless they are affected by another, unattached object. There could also be problems from drifting into other objects (which makes sense when you think about it) since if the couple have a combined velocity relative to other objects, collisions could occur. deGrasse Tyson’s advice? ‘Bring a lot of leather belts to strap things down.

Microgravity sex will be hot, but not in a good way

John Millis, chair of the department of physical sciences and engineering at Anderson University explains that sex in the extreme environs of outer space will be hot and sweaty. And because sweat and tears don’t run down the astronaut’s bodies in microgravity environment like it does here on Earth, they sweat pools like small ponds of fluid near where it was secreted. Millis explained, “If the motion is vigorous enough it could be ejected from the surface of the body. This means that liquid would both be pooling on the body, especially where there is contact with the other person. Also, the more they moved, pools of liquid would be flying off around the couple.”

Sex in space is serious business.

Butt plug: perfect agent to introduce your partner to anal sex

Butt plug is one of the most interesting sex toys. With its help, you can get a lot of pleasant sensations. But for the device to give only pleasure, it is important to correctly use it. What is rimming butt plug with call girls? There are 7 rules for applying an anal rimming sleeve that will make the process fun and painless.

  1. The correct size.

Butt plugs come in diameters from 1 to 10 cm. Small sizes are suitable for beginners, large ones for fisting lovers. When buying the first cork, choose a model with a size of up to 3 cm. This option will give pleasant emotions, but will not hurt. And if this does not seem enough, you can choose large sizes, but again – you need to gradually add the diameter each time, and not immediately go to the giants.

  1. The presence of lubricant

There is no lubrication in the anus area, therefore the use of a lubricant is necessary. It is important to buy a quality composition that will protect the skin from injury. It is not recommended to use saliva, petroleum jelly or children’s cream, bacteria reproduce well in these compounds, as a result, micro-cracks can be infected.

To reduce pain while inserting the anal plug, you can choose an anesthetic lubricant. It makes use and anal sex more convenient, but does not affect the pleasant experiences, does not reduce the power of orgasm

  1. Slow Introduction

The anus is a narrow hole, it is impossible to immerse objects in it so that cracks or tears do not form. The introduction of sex toys occurs gradually, the body must get used to the object in the anus. The sphincter should be relaxed, and this can only be done with very smooth movements. Most anal plugs are tapered to gradually widen the passage. When diving, it is better to perform light movements, inserting the sleeve a couple of millimeters deeper each time.

  1. Comfortable posture

The most comfortable posture for insertion is on your knees, having your pelvis pulled back, or lying on your back, bending and pulling your legs to the body, squatting. But the introduction is possible in other positions too. It is important to get up, sit down or lie down comfortably so that nothing distracts. At the same time, there must be access to the anus so that it is easy to insert or remove a sex toy.

  1. Wear time

Butt plug can be worn in the body, and not only used in bed. For this purpose, models with a special form of limiter are created. It is convenient to lie between the buttocks, does not interfere with movement. Silicone tube safely in the body can be located up to 10 hours. Metal, glass hold up to 5 hours in a row but PVC and TPR should be in the body no more than 3 hours.

For wearing it is better to choose flexible models, they cause less discomfort. Example of this is a weekend vibrators which won’t break even if used all weekend. It is also important to pay attention to weight, heavy cast plugs weighing more than 100 g in the body should not be held for a long time, they stretch the sphincter too much under the influence of gravity. But small vibrators

  1. Cleansing

After each use, the butt plug should be thoroughly washed. It is important to treat it with a special clinic or disinfectant, so that no bacteria remain on the surface. It is necessary to do this immediately after use, without leaving this procedure “for later.” After washing, the sex toy is dried and cleaned for storage. Depending on the material, the sleeve must be stored with other sex products or separately.

If during storage, dust or other contaminants get on the anal plug, it must also be properly cleaned before using.

  1. Frequency of use

Anal caresses are very pleasant, but after them there may be a slight painful sensation in the anus. If there are small wounds, they heal for a while. And while there is even the slightest discomfort, it is not worth repeating games with the anal plug. It is necessary to give the body a full recovery, and only then experiment again.

There is no single rule – how often you can engage in anal sex or use butt plug. If the safety rules are followed, there will be no pain at all, which means you can experiment more often.

Butt plug is a sex toy that gives a feeling of fullness, activates hundreds of sensitive areas and prepares the body for anal. There are decorative options like fox tails, jeweled butt plugs and there are models with vibration as well that you can find at But whatever option you choose, do not forget about the rules for the use of anal plugs, they will help to avoid trouble.

Butt plug application errors

Butt plug is a toy from an intimate store that allows you to prepare the anus for intimacy; it also simulates double penetration, can be used for massage of the prostate, and sometimes used as an ornament. Quite often, when using a cork, mistakes are made, beginners can choose the wrong size, wear it for too long, do not wash it after use. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Before you use an anal toy, you need to figure out what effect it needs, because the shape of the cork, the material from which it is made, the size of the stimulator will depend on it.

Errors when using the anal plug

Errors can bring discomfort, and this is not critical, just a person will not like the device. But sometimes improper use causes infections, and in this case it is necessary to restore health. We strongly recommend not making the following mistakes.

Anus is not prepared

Before using the toy you must prepare the anus. You cannot just enter a stimulant. Be sure to follow the rules of hygiene and clean the anus. It is necessary to empty the intestines, take a shower. And sometimes you want to wash the small intestine. To do this, you can use the enema or apply anal shower. Such procedures will give confidence, and when removing the device there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Do not allow another person to use the anal plug.

Most intimate toys should be for individual use. Another person may have various diseases that can be transmitted not only sexually, but also through sex products. Therefore, only its owner should use the cork. If the transfer is necessary, then it is necessary not only to wash the device, but to thoroughly sanitize it.

Rejection of lubrication

The anus is gentle; it has no glands that produce the lubricant necessary for sliding. It is important to apply anal lubricants that help the stopper to gently penetrate the anus, painlessly and gently. Lubrication may be:

  • Silicone
  • Water based.

Silicone lubricant provides a good slip, so it is preferable not only for cork, but for anal sex. But do not use silicone toys and silicone grease at the same time. Silicone with silicone reacts, and this can cause the product to deteriorate.

You cannot use instead of a special lubricant saliva, petroleum jelly or some kind of cream. These compounds can cause symbiosis. And they also have a negative effect on the surface of intimate goods.

Use in intestinal diseases

You cannot use the anal plug in hemorrhoids, anal fissures, constipation or diarrhea. Any bowel disease is a contraindication to anal games. And even if the anus hurts because of previous experiments, it is worthwhile to postpone new experiments until full recovery.

Long wearing anal toys

Butt plug made of silicone can be worn for no more than 6 hours, and if it is made of another material, no more than 3 hours. Otherwise, the skin may be irritation, discomfort. At the same time for permanent use you need to choose a special-shaped cork: flexible, with a thin leg. And its diameter should not exceed 4 cm.

Incorrect butt plug size matched

It is important to use a toy for the anus of the appropriate size. Stimulator is selected based on the individual characteristics of the person. If a person has first experience with a product from an sex shop, it is recommended to start with a tube of minimum diameter. Large size toys can cause pain, cracks in the anus. After habituation, an anal toy of larger diameter is used.

No sharp movements

The anal opening does not provide for the introduction of foreign objects into it. The use of an anal stimulator can lead to discomfort; in order to avoid this, it will be necessary to insert the stopper smoothly and carefully. No need to shove the whole toy for the first time. Insert it a few centimeters, then pull it out, then deeper, pull it out again. Thus, the anus will get used to an outside body, the muscles will relax.

What Does Sex with a Sex Doll Feel Like?

Are you new to the world of sex dolls but apprehensive to try out? You may be wondering what it actually feels like to have sex with a sex doll. Well, if we go by the reviews of avid sex doll users, sex with a sex doll feels just awesome. Many single men who do not want to get into the baggage of an emotional relationship are extremely happy with sex dolls. According to them, these sexy dolls fulfill almost all their sensual desires and they will never wish to part with them.

The post below offers a brief on how delightful it is to have sex with a sex doll.

Great vaginal sex

You will be glad to know that sex dolls are amazing for vaginal sex. It’s mostly because the vagina of sex dolls is molded off actual vaginas. Hence, the vagina of a sex doll is always 100 percent anatomically correct. In fact, it’s said if your eyes are closed, you won’t be able to tell much of a difference. Yes, the doll won’t whisper naughty nothings in your ears but the feel of the vaginal part would be almost the same. And when you can enjoy vaginal sex at its peak, how does it matter whether the recipient is a human or a doll!

Just make sure to heat up the doll properly before getting intimate with her.

Awesome anal sex

It’s to stress here that the bum and the anal region of a sex doll is also 100 percent anatomically correct- just like the vagina. Thus, it’s needless to mention that you will enjoy ravishing anal sex with your sex doll. In fact, sex dolls are especially great if you are mostly an ass person. High-quality sex dolls are carved with perfectly shaped asses- much to the delight of men. They are both wobbly and firm and feel as realistic as that of a human woman. You are sure to enjoy anal sex of your life with a sex doll.

Another advantage of having sex with a sex doll is that she will never refuse to anal sex. A lot of women are extremely apprehensive of anal sex and some of them do not want to try it ever. But there is no such issues with a sex doll.

Amazing oral sex

A lot of new sex doll users are not sure whether they can use the sex doll for oral pleasure? Well, the truth is these dolls are awesome for oral sex as well. Some of the dolls are even designed to perform a deep-throat when you are craving for a full-on blowjob. You will simply need lube and little heat to make the doll’s mouth feel like a human mouth. The sex doll mouth is also great for deep kissing and smooching.

Final words

However, it’s to note here to enjoy awesome sex with a sex doll, you have to be careful about the type you are talking to. Sex dolls are available in various materials and price ranges. For example, you will find inflatable plastic dolls within $300 while the life-like full-size realistic dolls can cost you $4,000 or more. Now, if you go for the cheap plastic options, you will never experience the desired realistic pleasure. But if you are ready to shell some more, you will enjoy the dream sex that sex doll users rave about with realistic silicone full-size dolls.

Moreover, the premium quality dolls also come with the added facility of customizations. You will be able to tailor out the lady of your dreams and enjoy awesome sex with her.